Tampella Power Inc.

Location Tampere, Finland
Partner Tampella Power Inc.
End Product Electricity
Operating Fuel Coal & Biomass
First Syngas Production 1989
Status Retired

In 1989, the U-GasĀ® gasification technology was licensed to Tampella Power Inc., who built a multifuel pressurized pilot plant in Tampere, Finland to further develop and demonstrate the technology for air blown IGCC power generation with coal and biomass. This fully integrated plant included all gasification island components from fuel preparation through waste heat recovery and hot gas cleanup. Gas generated in the plant was combusted in a heat recovery boiler producing district heat for the city of Tampere. The facility processed up to 42 tons/day of coal and 60 tons/day of biomass at pressures up to 435 psia. The plant logged 3,800 hours of operation with 5,900 tons of fuel processed in 26 test runs. The tested fuels include coal (Polish, Colombian, coke, German lignite) and biomass (wood, paper mill wood waste, forest residue, willow, straw, alfalfa) and mixtures of coal and biomass. At the end of demonstration tests the plant was decommissioned and is no longer operated.